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Vietnam is one of Asia’s most fasting growing economies with promising business opportunities to follow. Vietnam’s potential annual growth rate is about 10%, which would increase the size of the economy to 70% by 2020. In 2015, the country’s GDP was among the fastest growth rate in Asia – rising to 7.01 per cent in the fourth quarter of 2015. Following Vietnam’s recent participation in the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) trade agreement, the manufacturing sector would likely reap significant benefits in investment opportunities. With comprehensive knowledge of Vietnam’s economic landscape, Solidiance provides market research and growth strategies to clients who are eager to accelerate their business in the country. Through our dedicated and passionate consulting team, Solidiance caters to the client’s specific needs and delivers optimal results.

Solidiance Vietnam, or also known as Market Research Vietnam, is a leading marketing strategy consultancy trusted to deliver better results in Vietnam and the rest of the Asia Pacific region. We provide market research and strategy recommendations to clients so they may grow their businesses. Since 1995 we have helped multinational clients understand the Vietnamese economic landscape by delivering comprehensive market entry and growth strategy services. Some of these services include market sizing, competitor profiling, customer segmentation, site selection, and evaluation of investment partners.

We get our hands dirty during fieldwork so that we can interpret, analyze, and strategize based on solid information. This approach has earned us many client recommendations and a repeat engagement rate close to 90%. Our project experience covers the manufacturing, technology, and healthcare sectors. We aim to provide clients with the data, insights, and roadmap necessary to enter Vietnam and quickly grow their business. Contact us today in our Ho Chi Minh City or Singapore office.

“We are very pleased to have awarded the project to Solidiance. Solidiance’s team was responsive and diligent. Their timely and well-structured approach helped to keep us aligned on our strategy goals.”

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